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Oxnard Residential Roofing System Information

Oxnard Metal Residential Roofing Systems

As a Oxnard metal roofing specialist Fritts Roofing & Repair Company is your best choice if you are going to opt for a metal roof. Our experience installing metal roofing on Oxnard homes allows us the ability to install a metal roof of any shape or size. At Fritts Roofing & Repair Company we always place our Oxnard roofing customers first.

Fritts Roofing & Repair Company recommends metal roofing because of its optimal weight to strength ratio and impressive flexibility. Metal roofing is also a great choice due to its resistance against wind, fire, and hailstorms.

Oxnard Tile Roofing Systems

Fritts Roofing & Repair Company is renowned for its tile roofing techniques in the Ventura, Oxnard and Oxnard communities. We recommend tile roofing because there are several architectural choices to choose from. Some of the Oxnard roofing architectural styles that Fritts Roofing & Repair Company provide include colonial, avant-garde, contemporary and Mediterranean.

We recommend tile roofing materials for their light weight structure. Our roofers also appreciate their durability, in addition to the fact that roof tiles are energy efficient and involve very little maintenance for decades on end.

Oxnard Shingle Roofing Systems

Fritts Roofing & Repair Company provides several different shingle roofing types for your Oxnard roofing needs. Each shingle variety has its unique pros and cons and we will provide a free consultation to select the ideal shingle solution for your unique Oxnard roofing needs.

Fritts Roofing & Repair Company recommends the use of fibreglass asphalt shingles over most other roofing shingle materials due to their lightweight build, fire resistance, and impressive durability and longevity.

Oxnard Flat Roofing Systems

Flat roofing has become more common in contemporary society. Flat roofs are quite common in countries like Mexico, which have a relatively dry climate. However, flat roofs are common for other reasons. For instance, some of our clients prefer flat roofs so that they can lay on them and gaze at the stars, or get a nice view of their neighbourhood from above.

Flat roofing is the most cost-efficient Oxnard roofing solution because the entire roofing area can be used for recreational purposes. Fritts Roofing & Repair Company would also recommend a flat roof if you plan on installing solar panels in the future due to logistical convenience.

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